Saturday, May 9, 2009

Xerox Prints with Solid Ink

Tired of replacing ink cartridges and toners? It can all become a thing of the past if this new solid ink technology from Xerox is as good as advertised.

This new Xerox color printer uses solid ink - not unlike the crayons we all know - instead of the traditional color powder toners used in laser color printers.
These ink blocks are melted to produce the ink for the printing process, and allow you to print in types of paper that traditional laser printers can't.

For now, this printer is targetting the office/enterprise market - but, if it really works as we expect it to - it should be just a matter of time to see this technology trickle down into consumer grade printers.

One thing's for sure: no longer will you have to complain about your ink cartridges drying out.:)

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