Thursday, June 11, 2009

Augmented Reality on the iPhone

You've probably seen many of my previous post about augmented reality. One thing you'd notice is that nearly all of the examples require a marker pattern that the camera need to recognize its placement and orientation.

Well... soon you might be enjoying the same kind of augmented reality wizardry without any kind of markers, as you can see in the following example with an iPhone.
Be sure to watch it until you can see Darth Vader running on the table. :)

Can you imagine the impact this sort of stuff will have in our daily lives in the near future? I can't even imagine it...


  1. This is cool, so cool it makes me want to get an iPhone. For me, it's one of the main reasons to get an iPhone : the fact that so much software \ apps are available for it. Whizzy software seems to be written for it almost as a standard now!

    Great site by the way - cool stuff from the Internet in articles that don't go on for pages... just perfect.

  2. Thanks Fordy. Always nice to hear it. :)


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