Thursday, June 18, 2009

iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 3G

After writing about the recent OS 3.0 update, it's time to talk about the new kid on the block: the new iPhone 3GS and how it compares to the iPhone 3G.

The first tests seem to indicate that the "s" in 3GS is indeed an S for Speed!

Just check the comparison video of the iPhone 3GS side by side with a 3G model - it is really depressing I must say.
But... it's the price of progress, and while the old iPhones are still quite capable machines (even more so with the OS 3.0 update) there's always room for improvement, and the extra speed certainly comes in handy as you can see in the video... It makes us wonder how the "old" iPhone seemed so much faster before we had the new 3GS to compare it with.

But, on for the other differences: the fingerprint-resistant surface treatment.

Though they both look smudged, the new iPhone 3GS never stops having an easily gliding surface - unlike the "sticky" feeling you sometimes get on the other iPhones. It also makes it a lot easier to clean by just rubbing it with any sorts of cloth.

As for the LCD itself, the new 3GS has a slightly warmer tone, just like the 3G had when compared to the 1st gen iPhone. It's easier on the eyes when at full brightness or in dark places.

As for the camera... at last you can finally take a close up shot thanks to its auto-focus and macro and say goodbye to the blurry images. Barcode scanning apps will finally be usable!

Truth be told, I wasn't thinking of replacing my iPhone 3G for at least another year; and I was hoping the new OS 3.0 kept me from doing it. But after watching the performance diference in the comparison video I couldn't help but start wondering which of my friend might be interested in getting my iPhone 3G for a nice price. :)

I guess I'll have to wait till we know the oficial prices for the 3GS here in Portugal... and start saving for it!

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