Friday, July 24, 2009

Google Latitude in the iPhone at Last

If you recall the post I write about Google Latitude friend tracking service, you'll be pleased to know it's now finally available for the iPhone as well.

Unfortunately, it's not a native App, nor has it been integrated with the existing map app... It's just a simple webpage which accesses your GPS info.

 Apple requested we release Latitude as a web application...

Apple what were you thinking about!?!

So... no way to keep your position updated regularly automatically like you can do in every other platform(!) unless you keep the browser and the Google Latitude web page open.

I'd personally prefer to have Latitude integrated in the Maps App (even more now that Google Maps is introducing layers) and have the option to update our position every X minutes or whenver we moved more than a set distance from our previos position.

Looks like Apple and its iPhone is lagging behind on something that Android, Blackberry, Symbian and even Window Mobile users can use more effectively.

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