Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kitchen Cabinet LED Lighting

I've been looking for alternatives to replace my fluorescent lighting in "under-cabinet" kitchen lighting, and I wanted to share what I've been doing. My option of choice were -of course - LEDs, and I finally seem to have found just the right ones to do it. :)

Here's some photos.

They come covered with a flexible rubbery-like plastic that keeps it safe from moisture and dirt, and makes it easier to clean.

And last, the first test to assess its lighting prowess (as I wanted it to indeed light up the kitchen, instead of using it just for "decorative lighting".)

It sure provides more light than I was expecting - no doubt due to the 600 leds strip (120 leds per meter) twice as much the regular LED strips.

It uses less than 5W per meter, which is less than I was expecting.

And I'll keep you updated once I make a final installation and take some more photos.

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