Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Unlocked iPhone Push has No Problem at All!

It's amazing to see how much "buzz" a simple "say so" can generate on the web.

Someone said that Push notifications were not working on unlocked iPhones, and a lot of major sites jumped in on the bandwagon.

This simply isn't true - as many thousands of unlocked iPhone owners can testify!

The justification for the reason why it wouldn't work is simply bogus:

"...Every Push application has to request the unique token from the Apple's APNS servers to identify the device it's running on. Thanks to that token, APNS servers always know which device is yours. The token can be understood as an IP address -- the server has to know where to send the notification and for which application. APNS can also change your token regularly for higher reliability, so it's critical that the application requests the token again on every start (or when enabling the Push feature) to replace the old one if new token is forced by APNS.

On any unlocked iPhone, the application requesting the token is stuck. APNS does not provide any response at all and the application can either cancel the request completely by automatic timeout or let user wait with the progress bar forever. Either way, the user will never receive any Push message, because APNS has not provided the token."
There was indeed a problem with it, but that was quickly fixed months ago! Even hacktivated iPhones are working now.

If you have a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone you don't need to worry about Push notifications - rest assured they will work just as fine as they would on any other iPhone.

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