Sunday, August 2, 2009

ASUS Eee Keyboard - Delayed Again?

Asus promissed to launch it in May/June, but months have gone by, and we're still waiting for Asus Eee Keyboard which is now expected this August (though I wouldn't keep my hopes up.)
It's a pity ASUS frequently misses it's announced launch dates. (Do you still remember the successive delays and price hikes that plagued the original Eee PC?)

No matter how much I'm fond of the Eee Keyboard, I'm sure I won't be that attracted to it if it comes out in a time where we already have other options (like Tegra netbooks offering much better video performance, for example.)

At the very least, it would be much better if Asus announced a realistic launch date and sticks to it!
(Instead of alienating its future customers with successive delays, month after month, or no concrete info at all.)

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