Monday, August 24, 2009

DVDisaster - Recover Data from Damaged DVDs

How many of you store your holiday and family photos and movies on DVDs?
My guess is: a lot of you.

Well, it's no secret DVDs can begin to show reading errors after some years... and how would you like - 10 or 15 years from now - to try and get some photos from some old DVDs just to find out there were a lot of them you couldn't read?

That's why I'm writing to tell you about DVDisaster.

DVDisaster is an error recovery program that can work in different ways:

For the most "paranoid" of you, wanting to keep all your CD/DVDs as safe as possible, it allows you to create error recovery ECC partity files for your existing "good" DVDs. If those DVDs happen to get some bad sectors in the futures, this smaller ECC file will be used to recreate the missing data.
(Keep in mind it wouldn't allow yo to recover a totally damaged DVD - for that you'd still need a full backup - but it will suffice for the more likely "bad sector" errors.)

On the other hand, most likely you'll experience a DVD error from a disc you haven't made an ECC file.
In this case, DVDisaster will copy all the good sectors, and then try to grab as much data as possible from the bad sector by doing multiple readings. It's a lot less likely to recover usable data (you really should have created that ECC file while you had the chance) but... maybe you'll get lucky.

DVDisaster is completely free and available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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