Monday, October 26, 2009

Blogspot Custom Domain Troubles

For the past 4 days, this blog has been unavailable through the usual domain:

I tried reaching help&support, but after all these days I still haven't had a single answer. My only option was to disable the custom domain option in the blogspot settings and go back to using the link.

I apologize for being "away", and I'll try to restore the usual custom domain as soon as possible. Until then, please bare with possible broken links. :/

With all this mess I've already lost the chance to keep using the naked domain (without the "www") which was available when I started using the custom domain feature but has since been removed. (Something that really nags me.)

It's a pity there seems to be no real way to ever get in touch with someone real that could explain me why my perfectly working blog suddenly stopped working...

Let's see how the next days will play out.

(And if anyone has a clue on why this happened - or how to fix it - I would sure appreciate the help!)

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