Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Google Maps with Navigation in Android 2.0

Wow! And I do mean WOW!

Google just dropped a bomb in the GPS navigation market: we'll now have Google Maps Navigation in Android 2.0.

Unlike traditional GPS navigation software, this one is free and offers quite a number of attractive features: like voice input, all the power of Google's search engine to find what you want, streetview imagery to make your navigation easier than ever, traffic info, and lots more.

Now... let's see how TomTom and the other software navigation companies react to this "threat"...

Not to mention the major "plus" this will be for all Android devices. This Google Maps Navigation alone will be enough to attract thousands of customers who value GPS navigation more than anything else.

Hands-on video:

update: Garmin and TomTom have already felt the heat in their shares.

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