Saturday, December 19, 2009

3D Gesture Recognition from MIT

The MIT is a place where we can find lots of interesting projects, and today I'll show you a revolutionary 3D gesture recognition system.

To solve the problems associated with existing technologies, which are either too bulky or have problematic work areas, this project from MIT uses the LCD screen itself as a 3D camera to capture your gestures.

The screen toggles working modes at high frequency, making it look just like any other LCD screen to the user - but allowing snapshots to be captured simultaneously for fractions of a second.

This type of technology is so new that there isn't any such screen yet. They had to build their prototype using regular video cameras for now - just to prove it will work.

When this device becomes real, it will be the holy grail in gesture and motion capture: a thin screen that can detect your gestures in the 3D space in front of it without any drawback.

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