Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple iPad

Here's Apple Tablet (the so-called "iTablet") and it's name is...

You can check the tech details here - but it has everything you'd expect it to have: WiFi N, Bluetooth, 9.7" LED LCD (IPS - offering great color quality regardless of the viewing angle) with 1024x768 resolution and light sensor, custom made A4 1Ghz CPU, 0.5" thich (and light), accelerometers, digital compass, speakers, mic, and A-GPS in the 3G versions.
Major omission: no camera (I wonder why they wouldn't include one).

The iPad can run a regular iPhone app (either in "small screen" or rescaled to fit the iPad larger screen) and has access to the App Store, iTunes Store, and the new iBookstore.

First nice surprise of the evening: battery life - 10h in use, over 1 month in standby. Not bad...

But, up to this moment, people were feeling kind of: "Is this all there is?"
That's when the got to the event's critical moment: the iPad price.

On screen a $999 showed up - and everyone felt: "ok, major flop. Who will buy such a thing?"
But then, in a Steve Jobs twist, the price was slashed in half, and the crowd was left amazed once again.
The iPad starts at $499, and that was indeed the biggest surprise of the night.

Of course, this price is for the 3G-less 16GB base model. If you want 3G or more storage space, it goes up to $829.

It will be available in 60 days, and the SDK is available right now for any developer wanting to play around with it.

Things left unsaid: why the iPad lacks a video camera (no augmented reality apps, streaming or video chats, etc.  seems a bad choice at this time.)
Also... nothing said about the upcoming OS update: will it support multitasking at last, new ways to organize the hundreds of Apps people now have, etc? Guess we'll have to wait for that a bit longer...

Update: Here's the video.

Also, some more images (or  check this hands-on video showing how the iPad really zooms along).

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