Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Apple iTablet [Rumour]

By this time tomorrow the entire world will know what Apple has been secretly (kind of) preparing for the last couple of years. The much awaited iTablet is expected to finally show its face in the upcoming Apple event everyone is anxiously waiting.

Until then, just a few final predictions based on some rumors that I feel might actually be real.
It's highly likely Apple's iTablet will have video based gesture recognition. We've already seen it in several devices, from TVs to game consoles (as Microsoft's Natal) and it would just make sense to have it in there.

For those that argue about being just a "big iPhone", Apple might hold a very big surprise, offering the possibility to work with the Tablet in several modes: an "iPhone-alike" App Store mode, as well as an advanced full OS X "you have full control" mode.

Last but not least, a matching centralized content storage service, allowing you to stream your data wherever you are - tied to an unlimited access plan from a cell operator.

According to those rumors you'll be able to get an Apple iTablet for $1199 with two years unlimited data plan; for $699 with a 2 year contract; or $699 for a Tablet without 3G wireless (just WiFi and bluetooth.)

We'll soon know how off this info is! :)

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