Saturday, January 30, 2010

PureDyne - Creative Media Linux

If you're an artist working with digital content you might want to give this PureDyne Linux Distro a try.

Based on Ubuntu and Debian Live and available as a "Live OS" you can simply boot off CD/DVD/USB, this
Puredyne is tuned for realtime audio and video processing, with a low latency kernel and offering the high responsiveness needed by artists working in this field.

Inside you'll have all you might need:
  • audio
    puredata, supercollider, csound, chuck, ladspa plugins, ardour, audacity, ecasound, ...
  • graphics
    gimp, inkscape, fluxus, freej, processing + extras, imagemagick, gthumb, gphoto2, ...
  • multimedia
    mplayer, vlc, avidemux, kino, mencoder, transcode, luvcview, xawtv, recordmydesktop, ...
  • streaming
    icecast2, ices2, ffmpeg2theora, oggfwd, darkice, darksnow, gstreamer, dvswitch, ...
  • network
    firefox, links2, network-manager, wireless-tools, ssh, telnet, gftp, irssi, nfs, ...
  • devel
    gcc, make, patchutils, subversion, mercurial, bzr, emacs-goodies-el, java jdk, python, ...

Definitely worth a shot:

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