Monday, February 15, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Series

Microsoft's latest mobile platform is out: Windows Phone 7 Series.

Forget everything you knew about Windows Phones and Windows Mobile devices: this is the once-called Zune Phone, and it sports an entirely new user interface.

I'm glad to see Microsoft has decided not to copy any of the existing UI styles we can find in the iPhone/Android/etc. and coming up with a unique interface on their own.
This alone is enough to make it a true alternative for everyone not happy with those other choices.

With a clean uncluttered interface that completely does away with icons and animated backgrounds, the Windows Phone 7 Series will be closely followed by Microsoft, that has strict specs every manufacturer should follow to ensure a consistent "user experience" across the board.

Watch the video to see how these new Windows Phone 7 Series actually move:

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