Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cisco Unveils a 322Tbps Router for a Faster Internet

It's not everyday someone makes an announcement "that will change the internet forever", but I guess Cisco has delivered with their new CRS-3 router.

Not for the home user, these routers are required for managing the internet dataflow across the world. And with people getting ever faster internet connections at home (100Mbits and even 1Gbit will become increasingly normal in the next years) this CRS-3 offer three times the performance of the previous models and is capable of routing at speeds of up to 322Tbps!

To give you a better idea this speed would allow you to:
  • donwload the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in just a second
  • deliver 1Gbit to every household in San Francisco
  • enable every man, woman, and child in China to make a video call - at the same time!
  • deliver all movies ever made in just 4 minutes

That's what I call speed!

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