Monday, April 19, 2010

New iPhone 4G Discovered?

While I do my best to keep you away from regular rumors, this one seems to have enough credibility to it.

Looks like this will be indeed the next iPhone 4G!

Gizmodo claims to have put their hands on this prototype model, allegedly lost by Apple - a dubious story, though stranger things have happened; not to mention this might be a ploy to keep the buzz around Apple's products in high gear for the upcoming weeks.

The fact is, according to what's reported, when opened up this device has indeed new Apple hardware, front camera, flash on the back, higher resolution screen, microSIM - all that was expected.

It even had the iPhone OS 4.0 (before it was presented to the public) which seems to indicate this is for real though it has since been remotely locked, and all it does now it show the "connecto to iTunes" activation screen.

I personally thought Apple would keep the 3G/S look for one more year, but I must admit the current look does feel dated when put side-by-side with this new model.

What do you think: is this for real? Do you like it better than the current iPhone?

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