Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tweetie to become Twitter for iPhone/iPad

In the past couple of weeks, a growing uneasy feeling regarding Loren Brichter - developer of Tweetie, the most popular Twitter App on the iPhone - was brewing.
His lack of replies, him missing the chance to launch a Tweetie for iPad on launch, and several other strange behaviors were cause for concern... but now we know why.

Twitter has acquired Atebits, the company behind Tweetie!

In the upcoming weeks Tweetie will become Twitter for iPhone... the official twitter App and. best of all, it will be tfree.

After that, a Twitter for iPad app is soon expected.

This was expected after Twitter's intentions were revealed in the past couple of days, that they wanted to get in the action, providing those services that quickly became essential for Twitter's success and were provided by 3rd party developers: url shortening sevices, photo and video sharing, and even gaming!

Of course, many developers are not very happy about this. They helped Twitter become what it is now, and will now be forced to compete with official similar services provided by Twitter itself? It's doesn't sound fair. But that's why some people think you shouldn't be dependent on a single plataform - or risk facing the consequences.

Let's see how it goes. Twitter has its first developer conference Chirp, coming next week. Let's see if they'll ease (or increase) the tension between them and 3rd party developers.

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