Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dell Streak Gorilla Glass

It's no secret touch devices are offering ever larger screens and glass surfaces all around. However, there are still those who believe the tiniest contact with "anything" is enough to scratch or crack their new gadget screen.

Well, it's not something I'd recommend you to do to your own device, but I think these folks make a fine job at showing just how much Dell Streak Gorilla Glass display can endure without any apparent damage.


  1. I hope more phones will start using these sort of protective glass screens, with this kind of technology available there's no reason for people having to fit screen protectors and such.

  2. Yes. That and more "water resistant" gadgets.
    It's no good having the latest smartphone, and then not being able to use if you're walking out in the rain or afraid of getting it wet.

    It's time manufacturers start thinking of making it more rugged and ready to endure "real-world" conditions. :)

  3. i have a dell streak. and dropped my phone a mere 1.5 ft getting out of my car. i heard the glass crack. looks worse than iphone cracks

  4. @Anonymous
    No glass is invulnerable. Though these kinds of strengthened glass resist scratches and bending, they can still - and do - crack when hit at the "right"(wrong) spot.


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