Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Don't iPad and Drive

This would be funny if it wasn't so stupid.
Do you know how much it distracts you to send a text message while driving? Well, some people seem to think it's better to take it to the next level, by attaching an iPad to your steering wheel.

Well, that certainly will help put more second hand iPads on the market, considering they survive the crashes bound to happen... (And remember, more than your own life - it's perfectly fine by me for you to drive into a concrete wall by yourself while checking your email while driving - it's isn't so if you happen to drive into someone else's vehicle that has nothing to do with your moronic "multitasking" wanna-be skills!)


  1. Moronic is right, not to mention you can't see any of your cars gauges (Don't run out of gas or get caught speeding.) Oh ya, don't crack the screen when you try to hit the horn. And what happens when the airbag deploys? STUPID!

  2. *that* would be awesome to watch on video! Airbag deploying and launching the iPad! :)


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