Sunday, June 13, 2010

Glympse - Share your Location

Sure there are lots of location sharing service out here (Google Latitude springs to mind) - but I find this Glympse to be worth a merit on its own.

What does it offer beyond the rest? Well, besides allowing you to set a destination - which immediately tells your friends how long it will take you to get there - you also get to set your own "sharing" expiry time.
So, there are no worried about being tracked if you forgot to "turn it off".

You can set your location sharing time, up to 4h. And if you set less, you can always expand it to cover unscheduled delays.

You can also see which of your friends are tracking you in real time - so, there's no way for them to deny they didn't know you were coming!. :) 

Glympse is available for Androids, Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPad.

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