Tuesday, June 1, 2010

iPhone HD with "HD" Screen confirmed?

One of the most expected improvements in this year's iPhone is a higher-resolution display.

[iPhone and iPod LCD compared to Nexus One PenTile Amoled]

The iPhone screen resolution has remained unchanged since its launch almost three years ago. Though some thought Apple would finally choose an AMOLED screen, the leaked models seem to indicate otherwise.
Besides, the compromises Amoled screens requires (pentile sub-pixel rendering, limited production volumes, etc.) also indicate Apple might be better off sticking with a more "stable" LCD display...

But don't think for a moment that's a bad thing. One of sites finally put one of those leaked models' LCD screen under a microscope...

And indeed it looks like Apple has doubled the resolution to 960x640.

This resolution is twice the one found on the previous models, and allows older ups to simply run upscaled (pixel-doubling) without a problem.
Also, this resolution beat most "high-end" Android smartphones , currently using WVGA screens (800x480), and allows Apple to once again keep their iPhone screen unchanged for the next couple of years.

Besides the resolution, the LCD will provide better color accuracy and viewing angles, as it is an IPS panel such as the one found on the iPad (and high-end LCD monitors.)

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