Monday, June 14, 2010

OCZ RevoDrive SSD PCIe

Looks like we're getting close... I've been telling my friends, for a long time, that it's just a matter of time until most PCs come with embedded storage "on-board".
Let's face it, why should we have a CPU starving for data going through a myriad of devices and interfaces, each one adding to the latency? Just picture it: CPU->Chipset->Bus->Interface Controller (IDE/Sata/etc.)->Device Controller->Actual data on the device - and back again?
Wouldn't it make more sense to have that data "closer" to the CPU?

These OCZ RevoDrive are not the first SSD-on-PCIe boards on the market, but they sure are some of the first to be affordable.

What does this mean? It means you can get a on-board SSD bypassing Sata controllers, and achieve 540MB/s read and write speeds.
These RevoDrive will be available in 128GB to 480GB, and starting at $400 USD.

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