Sunday, July 11, 2010

Facetime over 3G in iPhone? Fring Does it Better

Facetime video-calling in the iPhone 4 was received with high regards (even though videochats are nothing new - its been around for ages - though no one really ever uses it).

However, as much as I would like to brag about Facetime, it has two major limitations that make it a lot less useful than it could be:
First of all, it works only over WiFi! No Facetiming while you're out on the street or moving around (unless you have a mobile portable hotspot.)
Second, it works only between iPhone 4's (Apple does want other services/developers to implement FaceTime protocol, but for the time being... there's nothine else out there.)

But... fear not: Fring, the well known multi-service multi-platform App comes to the rescue!

In its latest version you can make videocalls with the iPhone 4, over WiFi and... over 3G as well!

Besides, you can use it to call all your friends, as it's available for Android and Nokia as well. (The iPhone version is also compatible with the latest iOS4 multitasking features, meaning you can use your iPhone while doing other stuff.)

Highly recommended app for all supported mobiles:

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