Saturday, August 7, 2010

Take your Canon PowerShot to the Next Level with CHKD

It's safe to assume Canon PowerShot cameras to be one of the most popular digital camera models around today. But, no matter how popular they are, some users will feel they lack some advanced features only found in more expensive models. It seems there's no way around it... or is there?

I present you CHDK - Canon Hack Development Kit.

This small package allows you to maximize your camera, by adding extra features - and it's relatively safe, as it's all done via a "post-boot" process; no messing around with the original firmware. Here are some of the things you can expect from it:
  • Professional control - RAW files, bracketing, full manual control over exposure, Zebra-Mode, Live histogram, Grids, etc.
  • Motion detection - Trigger exposure in response to motion, fast enough to catch lightning.
  • USB remote - Simple DIY remote allows you to control your camera remotely.
  • Scripting - Control CHDK and camera features using ubasic and Lua scripts. Enables time lapse, motion detection, advanced bracketing, and much more.
Hope it comes in handy this holiday season.

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