Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blogger Photo Upload Crashes Chrome

Dear blogger,

I do love your blogging platform and appreciate everything you're doing to improve it and make it even better; however, one does wonder how can you -sometimes- do such haphazardly things like the one I'm complaining about today.

The issue is: photo uploading is not working properly in Blogger.

Even worse, not only it isn't working... it's also causing a full Chrome crash (guess process isolation and separation for tabs and plugins is something requiring a bit/lot more work?).

Worse still - I can't imagine how you've managed to put an experimental "blogger in draft" upload method into production (regular blogger), leaving us no alternative way to upload photos if this method fails.

I have had this issues before, when you first did this - then you reverted it because of our complaints - and later on the method seemed to be working as expected... But now we're back into those first days of crashing issues, like nothing was done since then.

I even went as far as starting IE for the first time in my computer in order to try it out and see if it made any difference... It did'nt: photo uploading still hangs - although it didn't completely crash the browser as it does on Chrome.

Please, please fix this problem in this essential part of your blogging platform.
Your's truly,
(blogger lover)


  1. Same problem for me!!! No way with Firefox, no way with IE... Ouch!!

  2. Some problem with flash integrated in chrome. Still no solution!


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