Monday, September 20, 2010

Transparent Samsung LCD

While we wait for full interactive digital windows (like the ones in Iron Man's Tony Stark house) how about seeing what is possible today?

This transparent LCD with touchscreen from Samsung gives us a glimpse of what future windows might be like (it's wrongly titled as being an OLED - but OLEDs being a transmissive technology, it would be hard to explain how they were able to create "black light".)

Although it relies on external light when available, it also has a edge-lit LED system to make sure you can still use it even if it's pitch black "behind it".


  1. this is crazy. looks so cool, i wonder what are the prices for such displays :)

  2. If you find a "damaged" LCD (as in: busted backlight) you can easily create a similar display. :)


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