Thursday, November 4, 2010

CoBrowser - iPad Browsing via iPhone

It's not quite iPhone tethering on the iPad but, if don't want to jailbreak your iPhone, this CoBrowser offers an interesting solution to this problem.

If you have a non-3G enabled iPad, you've certainly wished you could use your iPhone's cellular data plan to browse the web. Unfortunately, this is prohibited by Apple.

So, this CoBrowser claims they simply send webpage images from the iPhone to the iPad, allowing you to browse the web on the iPad as if you were on the iPhone.

That wouldn't be really that good, but the thing is: it seems it does a little more than that, actually allowing you to browse the web on yout iPad. Pages like Google - for instance - are fully functional, (auto-suggestion, etc.)

The only drawback is that, everytime you change to a new page, you get an annoying popup on your iPhone screen in order to confirme the page request. Other than that, this app really seems a very attractive solution to browse the web on your WiFi iPad whenever you're out of range of WiFi networks, using your iPhone 3G connection via bluetooth.

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