Monday, November 22, 2010

GT5 Put on Sale by Mistake in Portugal

You might be counting the second that separate you from your much wanted copy of GT5 - the game that every PS3 owner won't be able to resist - but in Portugal, a few lucky gamers already have their hands on it for over two days!
And no - I'm not referring to the pirated copies already flooding the internet warez sites.

It seems there was some mix up, and the game (and even PS3 bundles) were put on display sooner than it was supposed to be; and bystanders didn't hesitate to take advantage of it.

As soon as word got out, hundreds of gamers were speeding up to their nearest game stores to see if they were lucky enough to catch a similar break - but the error was quickly noticed and the games were removed to safe storage once again.

Even so... there are alredy a few lucky players playing GT5 right now... and how I envy them! :)

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