Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileak Cablegate

It's the ex-topsecret story of the moment: the site Wikileaks has come forth with over 250 thousand secret cable messages exchanged by the US government and embassies around the world.

Already known as the cablegate, there are lots os secrets that are now thrown into the light of day -and all thanks to a young soldier that got the information out in a Lady Gaga CD.

Among the things that are now being found you can see stuff like:

Bluetooth Human Tracking Implants
Injecting released Guantanamo Bay prisoners with internal tracking devices, so that their movements could be "tracked with Bluetooth".

Secret African DNA Gathering
Diplomats are asked to gather "fingerprints, facial images, DNA, and iris scans" of African military and political figures.

Spying on UN members
Beside the biometric "gathering" also requested for the African figures, the State Department also asks US diplomats to swipe passwords, encryption keys, and all possible details on private and commercial netqorks used be UN officials.

I guess those government conspiracy theories will start making a lot more sense now...

In other news... An Hollywood-based movie adaptation should hit the screens in 3... 2...

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