Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fuji Hybrid Viewfinder

No matter how good a camera might be, its viewfinder is often a deal-braker.

Optical viewfinders offer the best image quality and clarity, but are unable to show the wide array of information photographers want when shooting photos; electronic viewfinders offer such features, but at a cost of reduced image quality and color rendition.

That's why FUJI has tried to come up with a better solution, and created the Hybrid Viewfinder for the Finepix X100.

The X100 offers tow viewfinder modes, easily selectable at the flick of a switch: a optical viewfinder, and an electric viewfinder

However, th trick it that instead of an illuminated optical viewfinder, they use a complete high-resolution LCD screen to create a digital information layer that is overlayed on the optical image itself - offering the best of both worlds.

Hard to imagine no one had come up with this idea before! :)

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