Monday, December 6, 2010

Kork - iPad Case made of Cork

If you're looking for the perfect case for your iPad, something that will make its cold glass and metal more comfortable to hold, here's something you'll want to try out: the Kork  by - a made in Portugal iPad case, made entirely in a natural product... cork!

Not only it adds that special "natural touch" to your iPad, it also allows you to use it without compromise:

  • Recycled and Recyclable Natural Cork 
  • Easy access to all Buttons and Inputs 
  • Ergonomic Natural Shape and Feel 
  • Angled Audio Output for Front Projected Sound 
  • Larger Dock Connection Extra Space for Connectors 
  • Extra Space for Bigger Jack Input 
  • Angled Mic. Wall for User Directed Sound Caption 
  • Very Light Weight

You can find it in its official web store for €49,95 with free shipping.

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