Thursday, December 9, 2010

Plus Sign Operator in Google Search

While most people will know what the minus sign (-) operator does in Google Search - allowing you to exclude elements from your search , for instance "jaguar -cars" returns pages with jaguar but not car - most people wrongly assume what the plus operator (+) does.

Logic would say it did exactly the opposite of "minus"... but you'd be wrong. That is already what the default Google search does searching for all the words you've entered.

So, what does this mysterious plus sign does when you include it in your search query?
And the truth is: it allows you to search for the exact word you've entered.

It's no secret Google likes to correct us and point us to the results it thinks we mean; but sometimes we really want to search something about an odd (or even misspelled)  word; and it that case, the "plus" operator will become your best friend.

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