Monday, January 17, 2011

3D Viewing Without 3D Glasses

While 3D is steaming full speed ahead - although sometimes I can't stop wondering ig that particular movie actually deserves being called 3D, or if it was just a ploy to make me pay the extra "3D tax" on an already expensive movie ticket - for most people the 3D glasses are still a very big nuisance.

One of the most common types of 3D glasses are the "active shutter" ones. Made of LCD lenses, they continuously block out the image, quickly alternating which eye can see what's on screen.
As this happens fast enough, your mind is tricked into believing it's seeing 3D images from a single 2D screen.

Well, you've probably already joked about this being basically the same as blinking your eyes very quickly... And now, Jonathan Post decided to prove that's exactly the case.
(Keep in mind, it's highly likely to be just an internet prank/hoax! :)

By connecting electrodes to his eyelids Jonathan claims to be able to reproduce the 3D effect without requiring any glasses, by making his eyelids blinks at high speed in sync with the screen.

I'm not really much in the mood to actually try it out myself, but the following video makes it look like it sure is a fun way to exercise your eyelid muscles! :)

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