Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Convert Photos to Legos

Ever wished to convert any image or photograph into a Lego version of it? Well, thanks to Brickify your task just got a lot easier.

It's no secret that making a logo out of Lego can be time consuming... but it's reasonably easy.
However, if you want to transform a full color photograph into a Lego artwork, things are quite different - as Lego pieces are available in just a handful of colors.

With Brickify, you just to provide an image URL, and within moments you'll have your brickified Lego picture.

You can edit the resulting image, get a detailed report of how many LEGO pieces you'll need, and even an assembly schematic to aid you in getting things done.

A valuable tool that will allow you to create a very unique and lovable gift for someone special.

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