Friday, February 18, 2011

Google Adds 2-step Validation for Login

If you use Google service, you can probably imagine how disruptive it would be if someone hacked into your account and took over your position. Not only would they be able to send emails/spam in your name, they would also have access to all your info on Gmail, Photo albums on Picasa, appointments on Google Calendar, and so many other info that we don't even want to think about.

That precisely I use a unique and hard to guess password for Google alone, and never ever type it in any other place that asks me for it, even if it would be plausible they would just use it for "good causes".

Google is well aware of how important your Google account is and now takes and extra step to ensure its protection with this 2-step validation. you activate in your Google account settings.

Just like online banking transactions, this method requires you not only to enter your regular username and password, but also a code that is sent to your cellphone via SMS - or generated by an App (iPhone, Android and Blackberry).

So, an attacker not only needs to crack your password - but also have your cellphone in his/her possession.

Sure, it can be annoying if you have to do this every day, but you choose to only be asked every 30 days.
There's also an option to create app-specific passwords, so you can safely enter your Google account details without actually revealing your real password; and even in the worst case scenario of having no cell phone, you can still use one of the 10 fall-back codes Google emails you when you enable this extra security measure.

What are you waiting for? There's no more excuses for you to get hacked out of your Google account simply by password alone.

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