Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nvidia Kal-El shows Tegra's Future

We all "mobile" is all the rage right now, and Nvidia just poured high-octane fuel into the fire! Nvidia's next-gen super-chip (aptly named Kal-El) shows us what the Tegra line has to offer. Nvidia's project Kal El puts mobile chips up there, right next (and above) common desktop CPUs.

We're talking a quad-core chip next to a brand new 12 core Nvidia GPU, allowing screens up to  2560x1600(!) and five times more powerful than current Tegra 2 implementations.

Arriving this Summer, this Kal-el can even surpass a Core 2 (T7200) Intel CPU, as you can see in the following benchmark.

Care to see how this translates into... browsing?

But, want to know what's even better? There are new super-heros coming from Nvidia with each new year (Wayne, Logan, Stark) each one doubling its predecessor performance. Meaning... by 2014, we'll be using devices almost 100x more powerful than our current Tegra 2 devices.

Can you sincerely imagine what that will allow us to do/imagine?

P.S. Engadget has some videos showing Kal-El running Great Battles Medieval at 720p with 650 solders on screen, compared to a regular Tegra 2:

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