Friday, February 11, 2011

Google Translate App for iPhone

Google recently updated its Google Translate App for iPhone, which now becomes a lot more interesting and useful.

Google's Translate App can now perform voice recognition in 15 different languages, translate words and phrases into over 50 languages (of which, 23 can be "spoken out loud".)

You can also mark phrases as favorites, so you can use them frequently at ease, and there's also a landscape mode that makes it easier to show a translated text to someone else.

The only catch? Well... Google seems to think Portuguese is actually Portuguese from Brasil (a completely different accent) - which makes it almost impossible for it to recognize "proper" Portuguese. ;P

But I'm not complaining... it's an amazing App, and highly recommended for every traveller. Now... if we could only forget those insanely expensive roaming data rates.

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