Sunday, March 27, 2011

Antigravity Levitating Platform

Because it's always magical to have something levitating in the air, today I present you an antigravity platform that will amaze both you and your friends.

Although, as you'd expect, it's secret isn't really magic, but pure science. This antigravity platform relies on advanced magnetics to make a magnetic disc levitate.

Unlike the well known Levitron, this platform can levitate an object indefinitely one inhc over the platform, whether it's spinning or not. You can even open up the globe and use the disc to levitate any object you want, provided it's under 1 ounce and doesn't interfere with the system's magnetism.

In their site you can also find the amazing parabolic mirror illusion, that makes an object appear where it is not.

P.S. If you order their antigravity platform, be sure to select the right AC power plug for you country.

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