Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maximize iPhone Battery Life - Disable Ping

While the iPhone is one of the best mobile devices around, and has one of the longest battery life of the class; some users may have noticed it has recently began using up more power than it used to.

People who recharged their iPhones only every couple of days, found they could barely make it through the day. (I, for one, being one of them!)

Apparently, there's a service to blame running on your iPhone, and it's the seldom used Ping service (or actually never - in my case). No, it's not the network ping utility, but the much hyped and completely failed social network attempt by Apple.
It's a bigger fail, because the service is up and running whether or not you're using it or not... and sucking up precious battery power which would be best left untouched for the Apps we really do want to run.

How do you maximize your iPhone battery life back to normal again? Well... it's quite simple:
just head to settings->general->restrictions and disable the Ping service. You'll be asked to enter a restriction code - in case you had none. And hopefully your iPhone will back to its former glory.

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