Friday, April 1, 2011

Google Cancels Android

Exclusive hot news: Google just announced it will abandon the Android project completely!

The recent widespread hacker attack, targetting the platform, succeeded in infecting and taking control over every single android device in the world, through a previously undetected security flaw, fiving the attackers full control over every Android device and free access to all you private information: from your Google account details and all your emails, to every other service you used through your smartphone (twitter, Faceboo, bank account info, etc.)
Not even a ROM reflash will do you any good, as the vulnerability will make your device immediately compromised again.

The only solution is to remove its battery and go back to using a Symbian Smartphone.

Google stock is now worth basically nothing, and... this is all it takes to take down a giant, in a single day.

Thankfully, tomorrow is an entirely different day... ;)

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