Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Location History on Android Maps

At last, your Google Latitude location history will be a lot more useful. Until now, your location history could only be seen on the web browser - and I still remember the time you could't even see it.

Now, your Latitude historic data will become instantly available in your Android Google Maps App, allowing you to see how much you've moved around, and how much time you've spent at work, home and... "out".

I still can't understand why Google doesn't integrate all these geolocation services (Latitude, Maps, Places, HotPot, etc) in a single App - it would make much more sense.

And talking about those other apps, you can now have custom aspects to rate places, and you can also check-in at "Home" - to show friends when you've returned safely, ou just to share when you're around so they can come visit.

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