Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Transfer Angry Birds Scores Between iPhones and iPads

So you've just bought your new iPad 2, and sooner or later you'll be wanting to play Angry Birds on it. But... how do you feel about doing it all again?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just simply transfer your iPhone's Angry Birds score to your new device?

Well... you can.

  1. Download the free iPhone Explorer which also works for iPod touch and iPad and lets you use an iOS device as if it’s a flash drive
  2. Plug your source Angry Birds device into your Mac and use iPhone Explorer to navigate to Apps > Angry Birds > Documents
  3. Create a folder on your Mac called “Angry Birds Data” or similar and drag and drop the following five files from Apps > Angry Birds > Documents into it:
    - DataStore
    - FetchManager
    - highscores.lua
    - PostManager
    - settings.lua
  4. Remove your source iOS device and plug in the iOS device to which you want to transfer your Angry Birds scores
  5. Drag and drop all five files above from your Mac to the new iOS device (with Angry Birds already installed on it) in Apps > Angry Birds > Documents

[via MacDaily News]

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