Saturday, May 21, 2011

SpinTrack Rotary Control with USB

For true hardcore fans, games like the mythic Arkanoid only makes sense when played with a rotary control like the one in the arcade machine. That's really the only these kind of games "were meant to be played!"

(Just like Missile Command only makes sense when played with a giant trackball! :)

If you're building or assembling your own arcade cabinet or classic game emulator, you can easily keep the original feeling by using one of these SpinTrack with USB.

Better yet, these kind of controllers will be quite useful not only for gaming, but for lots of other applications as well. Audio and video editing really can benefit from a rotary control as well.

So... if you ever come across a project where a "spinner" would come in handy, now you know how/where to get one.

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