Friday, July 29, 2011

How to View RAW Files on Windows

If you're tired of using proprietary software to view your RAW photo files, you'll be pleased to know that Microsoft has released a codec pack allowing you to view RAW files in Windows.

Unlike JPEG files, RAW files hold the complete data received by your camera digital image sensor, allowing for far greater control over color balance, contrast, etc.
You can think of JPEG as a representation of that data, after being processed in some way (and then compressed) - meaning some of that original information was lost in the process.

This pack supports over 100 cameras - including Canon (EOS 1D, EOS 20D, EOS 300D, EOS 5D, etc.), Sony (A100, A200, A230, etc.), Olympus, Pentax, Leica, Minolta, Epson (RD1), and Panasonic.

You'll not only be able to see all these cameras' raw files in Windows Explorer and Photo Gallery, but you can edit them as well.
But, considering how valuable RAW files are, MS won't touch your original files. The edited photos will be saved as either JPEG or JPEG-XR (HD Photo), keeping your RAW files just as they were.

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