Sunday, September 18, 2011

iPhone 4 Glowing Apple Logo

Ever wished you iPhone 4 had a lighted Apple logo in its back, like the one you can find in most MacBooks?Well, if you're willing to wait a little longer and spend 50-100£ on it, there's a british company that is working on turning the dream of a great deal of iPhone user's... real!
(Particulary those with a particular love for everything "light" related).

Yes, an iPhone 4 with a lighted glowing Apple icon is about to become real.

You'll still have to wait till to mid-October for the final kit, and by that time you're most likely to be wishing for the new iPhone 5, but... in any case, there will still be plenty of iPhone 4 users around that won't mind keeping their devices for another year - and if they can have a glowing Apple icon... they sure won't mind it!

From their claims: no impact on battery life, no heating, no thickness change, and that it lights/dims just like the iPhone screen - I suspect they're simply harvesting/redirecting the screen backlight to the backside. Not that it is a bad solution anyway... And at least it prevents you from having a glowing Apple logo next to your ear when making a phone call.
However, I can't say for sure... as I think the logo would be at least partially covered by the battery. Measning they would to find a way "around it" (or maybe they use a electroluminescent film, or a diffuse led... we'll have to wait and see).

... Meanwhile, we can always hope the iPhone 5 will have a glowing Apple logo coming as standard! ;)

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