Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blogger Gets Custom Dynamic Views

Remember the dynamic views that allow any blogger blog to instantly get a new look?

  • Classic: A modern twist on a traditional template, with infinite scrolling and images that load as you go
  • Flipcard - Your photos are tiled across the page and flip to reveal the post title
  • Magazine  - A clean, elegant editorial style layout
  • Mosaic - A mosaic mix of different sized images and text
  • Sidebar - An email inbox-like view with a reading page for quick scrolling and browsing
  • Snapshot - An interactive pinboard of your posts
  • Timeslide - A horizontal view of your posts by time period

Now you can customize it to better suit your blog: modify your background, fonts, or colors, and add a custom header image (65px high) - or simply choose from one of the “suggested themes” that we provide.

To begin personalizing your blog, log in to the Blogger dashboard, select “Template”, choose from one of the seven Dynamic Views, and then click “Customize” to access the Template Designer.

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