Friday, October 28, 2011

TomTom Top Gear says Goodbye to Jeremy Clarkson

It really was an excellent idea... to be guided to your destination by Jeremy Clarkson - one of the most iconic petrol-heads in the world, courtesy of the hugely popular Top Gear, (or would it be that Top Gear is popular. because it has Jeremy Clakson?... Guess we'll never know! :) in the latest TomTom Top Gear edition navigation system.

Sure enough, each instruction would be "enhanced" by Clarkson's unmistakable remarks, like: "after 700 yards, assuming this car can make it that far, you have reached your destination, with the aid of 32 satellites an me – well done!"

Unfortunately... with over 50k units already built - some of which already in the stores - BBC stepped back from the deal, only then remembering its own editorial guidelines:
“Those working on consumer programs must take particular care not to endorse any product or service which could be covered in the programs on which they work and they should have no commercial or other links which could appear to influence their BBC work”.
It's really a shame... But I suspect these - now rare - TomTom Top Gear edition GPS units will soon pop up in ebay and other online stores for Top Gear die hard fans to bid their hearts out to get it - though I would assume that voice pack will eventually make its way into the internet "underground" and be available to anyone really wanting to get it.

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