Sunday, November 6, 2011

In Your Arms - Kina Grannis [Videoclip]

Though we're usually accustomed to see video producers using all the available digital "magic" to shorten the time it would take to make something - we can now do in minutes or hours what a decade ago would take weeks or months - there are still cases where one can't stop but be amazed by what can be achieved when a team puts real dedication, and time, into something like this.

Kina Grannis latest videoclip "In Your Arms" uses stop-motion animation, with a animated background consisting of 288,000 jelly beans carefully (and painstakingly) placed for each frame.

And when you consider that it took 30 people 22 months to do it... You can begin to grasp the kind of commitment it took to finish the job. But we're all glad they did, and it indeed looks great.

I just wonder... how many jelly beans were hurt during the making of this video! ;)

E o resultado final é este:

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