Monday, November 21, 2011

Siri Learns to Control Your House Temperature

Can you imagine an iPhone or iPad without Apps? It might sound crazy, but crazier still is to remember that the first iPhone didn't have 3rd party Apps at all - and now it's actually one of the most important things making it a huge success.

Can the same thing be about to happen with Siri?

I also think Siri is - as it is now - just like the iPhone was without the 3rd party Apps; merely a shadow of what it can actually do and become. Even though Apple has decided not to allow Siri on the older iPhones (something we all know could easily be done) I think they'll sooner or later open up Siri to 3rd party developers as well.

Hackers are already out, showing use the amazing possibilities of Siri. Like this case of teaching Siri how to control your home temperature; which, although is still very complicated, doesn't even require you to jailbreak your iPhone.

How long till we're able to say: Siri... Lights On please! ;)

[via ModMyI]

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